How to help your small business survive the coronavirus lockdown

The time has come and South Africa is now under full lockdown, with many business owners worried about what it will do to their trade and employees.  Businesses across the nation are facing financial difficulties and have to adopt new measures to diminish risks, support customers and protect their employees. Here are valuable resources and tips that you will need to create an efficient home workplace for you and your staff.

Be lenient towards staff

You and your team is currently working from home and most probably have their families with them. This includes children and elderly who require care and attention that will undoubtedly impact available time for work and tasks. As an employer or manager, you should try being understanding and flexible toward employees and adopting a contingency plan in case you are understaffed. While many clients will understand delays due to the current situation, businesses should be transparent and open on what they are facing.

Communication Tools

The most important step to maintain a healthy work force is communication. While you and your team may me be separated at the moment, there is no reason to stop meetings and collaboration due to many available resources at your fingertips. Group communication tools and video conferencing is more important than ever so here are our top picks for you:

Microsoft Teams –  not only is it fully integrated with the most used office applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel, it offers the perfect collaboration tools to improve communication and increase productivity:

– Schedule meetings with the ability to record, chat, upload documents and set agendas.
– Calendar syncing for tasks and projects, with full integration for Microsoft Outlook.
– Full cloud based solution means you can access Teams from anywhere with anywhere device and at any time.
– Real-time document work gives your team the ability to work, edit and comment on a document at the same time
– Multiple third-party service integration allows you to connect your already used applications such as Zoom, Trello, Hootsuite and more.

Get Microsoft Office 365 today

3CX – The perfect VoIP solution if your business handles regular client calls, either local or international. By utilizing your internet connection to make calls, 3CX offers a highly affordable and easy to use system, meeting all communication standards and needs, such as:

– Scheduling calls and web conferencing
– Website live chat and talk.  
– Self -installation and maintenance.  The system is simple and easy to set up, making it possible to manage it with ease, from home and in the cloud.
– Available on Android and iOS, as well as extensions on popular web clients such as Chrome and Edge.
– CRM integration

Find out more on VoIP here


Internet networks are currently strained with everyone connecting from home for work, education and entertainment. Cybercrime prevention is more important than ever as employees and businesses will be working on and sharing sensitive data and client information. Preventing cyber-attacks is an invaluable measure right now and employers should be utilizing the available tools and resources for such measures:

– Educating your team on how cybercriminals and attacks work, how to prevent it and what measures to use.
– Recommend and provide quality anti-virus and malware protection applications for your teams remote work stations.
– Cloud back up for data. Protecting your data on a reliable cloud platform means that you can save sensitive information without having to worry about data breaches, ransom ware and general cyber-attacks. 
– Secure document management and file sharing. Provide you team with unified storage and document access through a secure portal.

For more information on internet security, see our recent blogs on basic security precautions, ransomware, protecting your business from cybercrime and phishing attacks.

Additional Resources available:

Coronavirus(COVID-19) 24-hour hotline number: 0800 029 999