ADSL is coming to an end. Users are urged to find an alternative connection

Telkom, South Africa’s biggest communications provider, is cutting off its ADSL and VDSL subscribers across the country. This is due to last year’s announcement to deactivate their copper network infrastructure.


New applications of ADSL will no longer be processed as from 15 September, 2020. We will continue to support current services until Telkom discontinues the service.

What does mean for current ADSL and VDSL subscribers?

If you currently have an ADSL or VDSL connection, it is time to start looking for an alternative. While it may be inconvenient at the moment, you will soon be enjoying a faster and more stable internet connection.

Currently, the best option is Fibre, which is the fastest and most reliable connectivity available. Additionally, Fibre packages are typically cheaper than ADSL and offer an uncapped and unshaped Internet connection.

While the Fibre infrastructure is rapidly growing in South Africa, it is still not available to all areas. This means that certain DSL subscribers will have to choose another alternative while they wait. The best current alternative is a fixed-LTE connection.

Fixed-LTE packages offer a simple and easy, self-installed in-home connectivity that’s affordable without any fixed line installation needed. These wireless connections offer high-speeds and various data packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

save & get more by switching to fibre!

Uncapped ADSL 10Mbps
R1 170pm*

Uncapped Fibre 10/10Mbps
R699 pm

Capped ADSL 50Mbps
R865 pm*

Uncapped Fibre 20/20Mbps
R855 pm

Capped ADSL 100Mbps
R1 000pm*

Uncapped Fibre 100/50Mbps
R1 205 pm

*Price based on Telkom Line rental + ADSL Service + ISP Data Service

Change to Openserve Uncapped Fibre

10/10Mbps – R699 pm

20/20Mbps – R885 pm

100/50Mbps – R1 205 pm

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