5 Tips to Keep You Entertained

Millions of people are now at home, with loved ones and children exercising the important social-distancing. Trying to find what to do to keep yourself and children entertained can be tough and frustrating, with boredom and cabin-fever being felt across the nation. It is important to stay patient and understanding with your loved ones in a time like this and not let panic and emotions take over. Here are 5 tips and ideas to help challenge the above difficulties:

1. Digital Entertainment

Utilizing popular streaming services such as Netflix and HBO can be a great way to blow off some steam and let the time go by. Now is a perfect time to binge your favourite series and complete your to-watch list. You can search for recommendations and the top charts for some that you may have missed due to a busy schedule. For the young ones, be sure to use the kids section for family friendly content. That being said, too much screen time should be avoided and the right balance is recommended.

2. Exercising

While you may not have access to your favourite gyms at the moment, you can still accomplish many fitness goals from your home. These days, there are many popular fitness apps and videos to help you find what works for you. Use popular home workout techniques and even introduce your family to some fun activities such as Yoga for kids and dance tutorials.

3. Reading

Everyone can find a genre or topic that they enjoy reading and your current spare time is a perfect opportunity to find what works for you. Dive into epic fantasy series, romantic novels or helpful mindfulness reading and watch the time fly. Additionally, reading for your children can help them explore their imagination and creativity while igniting a passion to begin their own books. Look back to your favourite childhood stories, from popular fairy tales that have been adapted to your children’s go-to Disney movies or something similar they may enjoy.

4. Games galore

Most households have board games that have been collecting dust in the cupboard and now is the perfect time to bring those out, invite the whole family to participate and enjoy competitive play and teamwork with the kids. If you do not have many board games, we suggest looking into creating your own fun games from random household objects and toys. Popular family games like charades and general knowledge can keep your mind focused while having fun.  If you have a garden then take the family out for fresh air and much-needed outdoor time.

5. Education

Even if your children are not going to school, that shouldn’t stop them from learning new things. There are a wide variety of educational videos and online tools that can be a lot of fun to get into. Take your children on a virtual tour of an aquarium or zoo or let them dive into history with family friendly videos that make learning a whole lot easier. Be sure to challenge your children and yourself with knowledge portals free online schooling centers.

Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and remember that you have access to a worldwide portal of information and entertainment. Be sure not to panic and make the best of the current situation.